We want to be known…and loved.

Yet, we fear being known.

We hide from God and from those we love, fearful that if they knew us fully, their love would grow less; unaware that when we allow someone completely, even to our most vulnerable places, comfort is found for love is stronger than any hard place and trust is increased.

When we hide, trust is eroded and it conveys to the other person that we don’t trust them enough to allow them into either our wounded places or our deepest battles.

We think we are not known.

Yet, it is often true that those who love us most, know us better than we think…and still love without condition.

We often miss the joy of being fully known and fully loved because we functionally believe the whispers of the enemy of our souls more than God. He wants to rob us of truth and relationship; God is Truth and wants us to live in relationship with Him and others in light of that Truth.

And, all the more, there is One who knows us fully and loves us without fail.

The Lord will discipline those He loves, but He will not reject His children.

He will not allow us to hide or rationalize our self-loving choices that are contrary to His character and His commands.

He will expose us through conviction and sometimes to others, never to bring shame but to lead us to repentance, restoration, and so, steadfastness and true joy.

That is the place where we are confronted.

That is the place of refuge.

That is the place where we are to lay down our self-love and are loved well by the Father so we can learn to love Him more deeply and others as well.

That is the place where we are equipped to stand and find freedom, true satisfaction, and delight.

That is the place we are known and well-loved!

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