I’ll never be enough, and that’s good.

God is.

I am all God created and where I am not, in the things that matter, He refines.

Where I am not, He equips.

Where I am not, I rest in His power to recreate me.

Where I am not, I am called to intentionally “work out my salvation with fear and trembling” by His power.

Not for my glory. For His.

Not for my acclamation.  For His.

Not for the expectations of others. For His.

I am not called to blend in but to stand out.

If my actions and words in this life do not reflect a life redeemed, both privately and publicly, if they do not glorify Him, if they are not in line with His revealed will – they are selfish rebellion, and I must reject them. 

As we walk, stand, and sit in the presence of others, we are changed.

Are we changed more and more into His likeness or more and more into the likeness of those playing Christianity or rejecting it completely?

Are we changed more and more for His glory or for the selfish desires of our hearts?

The latter is more insidious because it deceives us into thinking that those rejecting God are okay and so are we.

We are not enough.

But we are called to strive, strain, press on in the power of the Holy Spirit to win the prize, to be restored, to be transformed…to more and more be set apart.

And that is more than good because…He is enough.

And always will be.

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