Joy in The Hope

Joy comes not from the “stuff” of Christmas but from the hope of Christmas!

I absolutely love the music, the lights, the tree, the many traditions we have established as a family, the giving of gifts, the wonder of children, and so much more. All that is part of it.

But, in the end, it all points me to a bigger reality – one that will not fade or wither or be boxed up after the new year! Those are but fainting reminders of the unfading grace that came down to bridge the gap betwen God and man!

The reality of Christmas is found in the person of Christmas – Jesus Christ – whose presence and relationship restores and refreshes rather than wears us down. And, when personally received, that Reality transforms us and gives us “Christmas” all year long and for eternity.

When we have a relationship with the Person of Christmas, December 25 isn’t a one time event but a continuing and ever increasing celebration of the daily joy that is not bound by a day or by circumstances in life that sometimes make us restless and weary.

Expectation is bound up in the heart at Christmas because expectation is our soul’s longing for that which truly satisfies and makes us truly “merry and bright!”

So I will continue to sing the songs, smile at the lights, and laugh at the wonder.

May it increasingly open my eyes to the truest of wonders, our Savior who is Christ the Lord!

In HIS Joy and Delight!


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